About Us

My name is Margareta Marples, founder of Kall Natur Kompani, born and raised in Örebro until the age of 19 at which time I left Sweden for studies in Great Britain and now recently returned home after 22 years with my English husband and three children Matilda, Madeleine and Maximilian, all within primary school age. With a background in media marketing and communications in London and for the last six years we have been involved in woodland management and building projects in East Sussex in south east England we have landed in Sölvsved i Jämtland. Why? It simply feels like home!

The idea behind the company

The idea behind Kall Natur Kompani comes from a genuine search for “better” health when conventional medicine found itself challenged in providing the help needed for myself and for my family.  The aim of the company is to offer organic, natural, health products that can help in achieving a higher level of  well-being.

The Farm

On the farm we have a newly renovated guest apartment. Come and stay with us! There is no tv or internet (mobile reception available), so if you are seeking a quiet, relaxing place with panoramic views and just being close to nature then this could be something for you.

Our products

The idea with the farm is to offer a growing range of ecological and natural products. The brewery, producing Kombucha, is our first product and this summer we hope to have our own beehives and produce our own honey.